Regular Pricing

In Person Home Visit $120

Telehealth Zoom $50 .

Medical Advice Phone Call $25

Sports Physicals $60

*Some illnesses are unable to be diagnosed through telehealth, or phone call, and may require a home visit. No prescriptions will be prescribed during a medical advice phone call.

Monthly Membership Plan

-Kiddos under the age of 3: $150 per month
-Kiddos 3-12: $100 per month
-Kiddos 13-18: $75 per month
-Max $300 per month with 4 or less children enrolled

Enrollment Fees

-$100 one time enrollment fee per family applies (includes otoscope,
thermometer, and pulse oximeter).


A well child home visit: home visits are coordinated with the American
Academy of Pediatrics schedule (12 months, 15 months, 18 months,
24 months, 36 months then yearly for each year)
-Well child visit: 45-60 minutes in length (One visit per year)

-In person visit: four in person visits per year with your monthly membership

-Unlimited access to Telehealth and medical advice phone calls with monthly membership (By appointment only)

-Half off testing services: Rapid Strep, Rapid Flu, Rapid Covid, Rapid Urinary Tract Infection Testing

-Prescriptions when needed

-Referral when needed

-Hearing and vision screen when needed

-Hematocrit/Hemoglobin and Lead screening when needed

(*additional charges may apply)

-Management of chronic conditions (I.E., asthma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, eczema, constipation and many others)

-Lab work when needed (*additional charges may apply)

-Vaccines available upon request (*additional charges may apply)

-Delayed vaccination schedule available upon request (*additional charges may apply)